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Why Join?
You should join if you have an interest in using, in your place of business, a simple but practical form of non-religious spirituality with a view to to substantially increasing productivity, raising morale, reducing attrition, preventing conflict and moving the business to a much higher level of operational success. [More benefits listed below – scroll down.]

Who and What?
Membership will be extremely beneficial to executives, owners and managers of companies, individual employees & business consultants.   Corporations, churches, hospitals, the military, government agencies, non-profit organizations — they all could benefit.   Even individual worker within the company are changed by it.  They find themselves much more protected from any negative influences in the workplace and, simply by osmosis, often have a positive effect on those around them.

Spiritual Intelligence
Becoming a member would enable you to capitalize on a human faculty that everyone possesses, but remains the least used in the workplace – spiritual intelligence. This is a form of wisdom that follows on naturally from intellectual and emotional intelligence but opens up the potential for a wholly different level of cognitive functioning that can be used to great advantage in any organization, no matter how big or small.  Even a one-person business will benefit from it. 

The Quantum Energy Management System (QEMS)
Members enjoy exclusive training programs, special tools for use in the workplace, ongoing teleconferences and webinars and access to archival material, interviews with experts etc.  The vehicle by which the methodology, the tools and the training are made available (exclusively) to members of this site is called The Quantum Energy Management System and was invented by Colin Tipping.

The Core Technology
The teaching that lies at the core of QEMS was developed by Colin Tipping, the creator and acknowledged authority of the technology known as Radical Forgiveness which, over more than a decade, has proven its worth as a technique for meaningful self-improvement and growth.  The Quantum Energy Management System (QEMS) is an extension of that work made appropriate for use in any work environment.  It is now available ONLY through this membership site. (For more on the Core TGechnology click here.)

The Q-Tools:
Spiritual Intelligence as a faculty of mind is easily encouraged through the use of a number of specially designed tools that we make available to the members.  Everyone in the organization benefits enormously when this technology is used — even if used only by the top management at first.  It optimizes productivity, raises morale, prevents conflict, reduces turnover, and increases profit.  It also creates a more  satisfying, joyful and rewarding work experience for everyone, which makes for a happier and more productive workforce.

The Problem It Solves
Until now, there has been no way to deal with the problem of unconscious material being acted out at work.  Most companies and HR specialists don’t even recognize the problem.  They just assume human beings are naturally volatile and unpredictable and regard some negative behavior is inevitable and simply a cost of doing business.  Well, the cost truly has been enormous.  You only have to take a look at the cost of treating one person in an EAP program to know that.  And that’s not counting the cost of the day-to-day negative behavior that occurs all the time as a result of people processing unconscious material by acting it out at work.

And everyone does it, from the CEO down to the lowest paid worker.  It is what normal human beings do — unless they are shown how to manage this energy easily and effectively.   That’s what QEMS does.


Decreased Amount of Overt Hostility and Conflict
Dramatic decrease in hostility and incidences of conflict at all levels (between individuals, groups, departments, customers, vendors, unions, management, etc.).

Less Blaming And Finger Pointing
When people become more self-accountable, they stop projecting and laying blame. They become more solution oriented and forward looking.

Less Covert Sabotage of Self and Others
Sabotage is very subtle and difficult to spot unless you know what to look for. It’s even more difficult to quantify. One needs to look for patterns that indicate it, but the idea is that QEMS will automatically take care of it by neutralizing the underlying cause.

Less Acting Out of Subconscious Issues
The longer QEMS has been in use, the more likely it will be that unconscious humenergy will be neutralized. The need for it to be acted out in the workplace will therefore be eliminated.

People Acting More Responsibly
The changes may be imperceptible at first, but as employees become more accountable to themselves and responsible for their lives, they will make better decisions for themselves and those around them. They will be seen as adding more value to the organization.

Shared Mental Models
QEMS provides an avenue for increasing personal reflectiveness, especially regarding individual and shared mental models, and developing capabilities for dialogue and productive discussion within work teams.

Marked Increase in Morale
When people begin to take responsibility for their life, they feel empowered and feel better about themselves. As they let go of blaming, grouching and whining, they look for ways to contribute. People simply feel better and contribute more.

A More Willing and Flexible Workforce
A happier, more responsible and self-accountable workforce is likely to be more flexible, adaptable, and less resistant to change and growth than one that is self-absorbed, uncertain and dependent on the status quo.

People Making Better Choices
This will be the result of using the “Q-Work Kit” – at work and at home. The changes may be imperceptible at first, but as people become more accountable to themselves and responsible for their lives, they make better decisions both for themselves and those around them. They are seen to be adding more value to the organization. There are fewer people stressed out with problems at home.

A Marked, Short-term (Desirable) Increase in Attrition Rates
Some people simply don’t want to give up their victim mentality and become uncomfortable when the people around them begin to grow and change for the better. They usually leave within six to 12 months but quickly become replaced by people with a higher vibration. That’s because like attracts like. These new-hires will be attracted by the high vibration of the company as a whole, and they, in turn, will contribute to its raising the vibration even higher. The effect is cumulative.

A Marked Decrease in Attrition Rates
Once the initial shake-out has occurred and the low vibration people have been replaced by those who resonate at a higher frequency, matching that of the corporation as a whole, people will not leave. They will stay because they are happier and more fulfilled.

Fewer Sick Days and Fewer Accidents
Emotional stress is the root cause of many illnesses, accidents and other health problems. QEMS reduces emotional stress so you can expect to see people take fewer sick days. Health costs will be reduced.

More Win-Win, Less Zero-Sum Games
People who use the QEMS technology will become more inclined to look for win-win situations where everyone gains and no one loses. They will become more oriented towards cooperation and team work, and more inclined towards mutual support and caring.

Greater Sense of Togetherness
When one’s energy field is in sync with the energy fields of those around them, there is attraction, caring and ultimately bonding. This transforms the energy of the organization.

Far Fewer People Using EAP Programs
This one factor alone would more than pay for membership of QEMS.