Who Needs QEMS?

1. Business Entities from 1 to 200+ employees
All types of business will benefit from using QEMS, including non-profit organizations, churches, the military and government, but it is especially helpful to small family businesses.  Underlying family dynamics can easily get in the way of business and QEMS is a perfect system for clearing those up.

But whether you are a sole proprietor, a partnership or owner/manager of a company employing a number of people, the principle holds true that business prospers when everyone brings their whole selves to work — including their emotional and spiritual selves as well the physical.  

Enlightened management today provides not just monetary incentives to get the best people, and get the best out of them, but caters for their spiritual and emotional needs as well.  They do it because they know they give more of themselves back.  This translates into:

•        Improved morale, job satisfaction, productivity and creativity;
•        Less conflict, sabotage, absenteeism, turnover;
•        Better relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors and other key stakeholders;
•        A more willing, loyal, harmonious and flexible workforce;
•        A positive, energized work environment that attracts and keeps the people you need.

The net result, of course, is a successful organization, whether you measure it in profits, happy workers, fundraising, or stock prices.

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2. Business Consultants and Executive Coaches
Businesses rely on consultants to bring to their notice new and exciting approaches to issues of productivity, conflict prevention, employee relations and so on.  Consultants and executive coaches who have their ears to the ground know that many business leaders today are becoming more open to the idea that spirituality in the workplace is the new wave of business philosophy and that to remain competitive they need to embrace it.  Any consultant who becomes familiar with QEMS will feel confident in recommending it to their more progressive clients.

3. Individual Employees
Employees know better than anyone what is not right about a particular working environment but often feel powerless to change it.  They see finger-pointing, blame shifting, back-biting, spreading of dissent, people shirking responsibility and accountability at all levels, sabotage, exploitation and discrimination.  It eats away at their soul and creates a high level of dissatisfaction.  If they use QEMS themselves, not only will it protect them from all the negativity but it will have a subtle but positive effect on everyone else around them.  One person’s energy can make a huge difference.  But the main reason for using QEMS at the individual level remains a matter of soul survival.  They pay considerably less that businesses but only have access to the following.

1. The Online Balancing Humenergy Worksheet.
2. The Online 13 Steps Process for Restoring Peace
3. Review blog and make comment

Dear Colin,
Since I’ve started working with the QEMS tools my life changed privately as well as in my working environment.  I’ve learned about the energy fields and analysed the energy fields in my own company.  As I work with these QEMS-tools and change (clean) the energy fields I realize and experience changes.  For example: I attract new clients, old clients change their habits or don’t come back. I can feel the difference of the quality of the energy now –it’s reached a higher level. For me, it is important to use the tools as often as needed that means on a daily base since there are always new issues coming up which interfere with my energy fields.
Also in my therapeutic work I get very valuable feedback. Clients tell me about the changes in their jobs or in their families, for example that they got a new job offer or that people who were difficult to deal with behave now differently or that the energy has changed in their working field. I am fascinated by all the effects of using the QEMS-tools and I am so happy to work with these.
QEMS supports me in leading my company as well as in my therapeutic work and of course in my private life. I am very grateful for that. Thank you very much Colin that you are giving us so many wonderful tools to reach a higher energy level and the needed healing.

Love and blessings,

Investment in Membership

Corporations and Organizations  $97 per month + $10 per employee
Business Consultants $97 per month
Individual Employees $17.50 per month