Ongoing Live Support

1. Monthly Teleseminar or Webinar
This is a scheduled event in which someone delivers a prepared piece.  It might be:

a) A lecture or dissertation on a specific topic, such as:
e.g  Using Social Media in Business
e.g. How Energy Works in Business
e.g. Attracting the Right personnel
e.g. Why Wingeing is bad for Your Sex Life
e.g. Getting Right With Money
e.g. The Principles of Giving and Receiving
e.g. Creating Strategic Relationships with Other Businesses
e.g  Creating Harmony in the Workplace
e.g. Leadership for a Small Company
e.g  Putting the Soul Back in Business
b) An interview with some industry expert
c) A book review
d) Book study segment – discussion of some part of the Spiritual Intelligence at Work Book

2. Q-WorkTools Demonstration
Occasionally I will focus on something in the news that is work-related that everyone is likely to be having judgments about.  I will then use the Balancing Humenergy Worksheet to help transform the energy we all might be feeling about it, myself included.  I will actually go through the process live while you listen and watch.  You will feel the energy shift in you as you go through it with me.  The objective here is to save us all from taking a trip to Victimland over the issue, help ourselves maintain our high vibration and help us all to see the perfection in the situation, no matter what it is.

3. The Live PowerShift Group Process
This is a Radical Manifestation guided visualization which uses the power of the group to supercharge the intention of each individual to activate the Law of Attraction.  During the process, all those on the call join me in saying the first four steps in the PowerShift Process.  Then I invite everyone to visualize what they want to manifest and to put that into the center of a virtual circle of creation.  I allow a minute or so for the visualization to form in their minds and for the feelings of already having it to flow through their bodies.  We then see the energy of creation working for the highest good of all those participating.  The process takes no more than about 12 minutes.  Since it is essentially a group energy process, it is never recorded.

4. Monthly Q & A Webinar With Colin
You get to ask me questions about any aspect of my work and/or my opinion about something related to it.  Questions can be sent in advance or asked while online.  They could be questions related to something in one of my books, a blog post, something I talked about on the telecast or the demonstration, whatever else springs to mind.

5. Blog and Forum
I will post items on this blog and you can make comments or submit posts.

6. Mutual Support
Advanced mutual support for business people interested in running their businesses on spiritual principle.

7. Individual Consultations/Coaching Sessions (By appointment and extra cost)
Help with Creating the Mission Statement
Creating Vision, Aims, Objectives and Goals
Aligning the staff behind the mission
How decisions get made and implemented
Values Assessment
Hiring the right people
Creating support groups in the company
Training in-house QEMS facillitators
Creating Strategic Alliances

8. Workshops For the Company
“Money&U” – The Money Game Workshop (in house or outside)
The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony (in house or outside)
The Radical Manifestation Workshop

9. Workshop Places  for Individuals
Places for Individuals in the Miracles Workshop at a discount