The Core Technology

The core  technology of the system is a personal kit of ‘Q-Work’ tools that, ideally, everyone in the organization owns and uses. 

[N.B.This is a top-down system. The person at the top must be fully enrolled and willing to be the driver so that at least the management team uses it consistently.  It is not something to be operated at the HR level and down. 

The tools are designed to be used whenever the person becomes upset, dissatisfied about something, angry or judgmental.  The tools are extremely simple and quick to use but their effects are extraordinary.  They enable the person to release the emotional energy invested in the situation before it gets too much of a hold, and in that way prevents a conflict from escalating, or even beginning.  The situation itself is also invariably diffused.

[Please note there is no psychotherapy involved.  The Q-Work tools work NOT at the psychological level but at the spiritual level, so the work happens below the level of conscious awareness.]

It also dissolves the underlying emotional energy deep within the person that likely was activated by the surface event. When our ‘buttons’ are pushed it usually means that a ‘wound’ has been touched and we have unconsciously gone into reaction. These tools not only diffuse the situation at hand, but also have the effect of healing the original wound, even if we don’t really know what it is.

Based on a Proven Existing Technology
The author and designer of QEMS developed a form of forgiveness in 1997 called Radical Forgiveness.  Since then it has changed the lives of many thousands of people.  It was amazingly successful, in spite of its apparent simplicity, because it called upon, and utilized, the person’s innate spiritual intelligence. QEMS does the same.  To learn more about Radical Forgiveness, CLICK HERE